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Orban Optimod 5950

The OPTIMOD 5950 is the first model in Orban's new generation of audio processors. At just 1RU tall, this unit offers a powerful array of features, including Orban's groundbreaking MX peak limiter technology. Equipped with a new high-resolution touchscreen and controllable via any HTML5 web browser, the 5950 combines user-friendly operation with the highest quality OPTIMOD audio processing for FM and DAB+/HD Radio broadcasts.

Orban Optimod 5750

The OPTIMOD 5750 represents the second generation in Orban's new range of audio processors and is equipped with all the necessary features for a high-quality audio processor for FM and digital radio. This device has a compact 1RU design, is equipped with a new high-resolution touchscreen and can be operated via any HTML5 web browser.

Omnia 11 FM Multi-Band Audio Processor

Powerful Omnia 11 FM Audio Processor for clear and consistent sound performance. Ideal for demanding broadcasts.

Orban Optimod 5700i FM/HD DIGITAL + RDS/RBDS

Discover the Orban Optimod 5700i: the ultimate FM/HD DIGITAL + RDS/RBDS audio processor. Proven OPTIMOD sound, compact design. The Orban 5700i is no longer available, and has been replaced by the newer model, the Orban 5750i.

Omnia Volt

With Omnia VOLT, DSP rules have been rewritten, algorithms refined and an incredibly versatile 1RU audio processor has been created. The VOLT gives you more sound quality and processing power in one rack unit.

Orban Optimod-FM 5500i Digital Processor

Original price was: € 3.750,00.Current price is: € 3.399,00.
The Orban OPTIMOD-FM 5500i offers two- and five-band processing in a 1HE rack unit.

Omnia Enterprise 9s

Omnia Enterprise 9s High-Density Virtual Audio Processing Software Overview

Meet Omnia Enterprise 9s, the high-density audio processing software solution designed with the flexibility to meet the rapidly changing infrastructure needs of broadcasters as they transition to virtualized environments. 9s is a custom solution for high-density server-based (virtual) systems for customers with a high volume of signals to process. Talk to our sales team to design your 9s solution based on your specific needs.

Scalable, adaptable, centralized

9s combines product modules in a new and unique way to deliver the software-only, high-density solution that today's broadcasters need. Each system can be customized to your needs, allowing you to make changes as your requirements change. 9s, for example, can be programmed for FM and streaming, giving you the flexibility to quickly add special channels. For example, as you add more streaming channels to your network, 9s adapts to your needs.

Centralize your processing using 9s to the head and send L/R audio to any transmitter location or the full composite signal to the transmitter using the new Omnia MPX node.

Virtualized audio processing

Each stereo program is processed by its own unique processing engine, allowing each program to be uniquely tailored to the program material, audience and delivery method. A variety of factory presets are included and can be used as-is or serve as starting points for custom user presets.

The "Basic" adjustment mode greatly simplifies dialing in the desired sound by combining multiple processing parameters with a handful of controls. For cases where it is necessary to access every available individual control, "Intermediate" and "Expert" modes are available.

Omnia 9 Multi-Band FM/AM Dual Path Processor

Discover the Omnia 9: powerful FM/AM Dual Path Processor with RDS, HD and streaming options. Unique features for optimal sound quality and flexibility. This model includes all options: Multi. FM/AM, RDS, HD and Streaming capabilities.

Omnia 9sg Stereo Generator

Discover the Omnia 9SG - the ultimate audio processor for FM and digital radio. Full IP access, optional RDS encoder, and more. Maximum performance for studio and transmitter environments.

Tascam TA-1VP Autotune Processor

This Tascam TA-1VP (Vocal Processor) features a microphone preamp, compression, de-essing technology, microphone and tube modeling and the renowned Anteres Autotune pitch correction. This makes it an ideal device for live performances or daily studio use.

Orban Optimod-DAB 6300 Audio Processor

Original price was: € 4.895,00.Current price is: € 4.200,00.
This Orban Optimod 6300 is a multifunctional Stereo Soundprocessor designed for Digital Radio, Digital Television, Netcasting and protection of digital STLs (studio transmitter link). The updated ratio and knee controls also make the Orban Optimod 6300 ideal for applications where very subtle audio compression is desired, such as studio mastering. Due to the minimal delay (< 5 milliseconds), this Orban Optimod 6300 is also perfectly usable in a radio studio as a headphone processor.

Orban Optimod FM 5518 Stereo Encoder with Limiter

This Orban Optimod 5518 FM is a high-quality stand-alone stereo coder. This device combines clipping techniques to control overshoots that occur at STL joints while minimizing distortion. This processor is also used in larger transmitter networks, where the main processor is located in the studio, and an Orban Optimod 5518 FM is placed at the various locations at each transmitter.

Symetrix Prism 4×4

Price-wise, this Symetrix Prism 4×4 is considered the very interesting successor to the Airtools 2x, because with this unit 4 similar voice processing channels can be configured in 1 unit.

Orban Optimod FM 8700i

With its versatile five- and two-band processing for both FM and digital media, this Orban Optimod 8700i is a must-have in the processor field. Regardless of the source, this unit delivers the most consistent sound with every track. This consistency allows you, the user, to create a unique and "own" sound.

Orban Optimod AM 9300 Digital Processor

This Orban Optimod-AM 9300 Audio Processor produces sound quality long out of reach for shortwave, mediumwave or longwave broadcasts. The Optimod 9300 descends from the legendary 9100 and 9200 series, which set the standard for AM sound processing for many years. The result is a loud, clear, transparent and comfortable sound that will delight any listener.

Orban Optimod FM 8600Si FM/HD Digital RDS/RBDS

Original price was: € 6.995,00.Current price is: € 6.750,00.
The Optimod FM/HD 8600Si is the perfect transmission line processor for both your analog FM station and any other digital platform such as DAB . The 8600 distinguishes itself from its older brothers with many features, one of the key features of the 8600 is the 2.5 to 3 dB of extra loudness.