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DEVA DB91-TX IP Audio Encoder


The DEVA Broadcast DB91-TX IP Audio Encoder - compact, powerful and easy to configure. Perfect for audio transmission over IP networks.

Deva DB9009-TX

Discover the DB9009-TX, a versatile second-generation Audio over IP Encoder. Easy operation via web browser, perfect for professionals and beginners. See also the: DB9009-RX

Barix Instreamer audio encoder

The Barix Instreamer is a network IP audio encoder for digital audio streaming. Often used in conjunction with the Barix Exstreamer 100 and as such a nice and inexpensive solution to establish an audio connection to the studio via the Internet at a location broadcast, city council meeting, church service, DJ's home studio, disco, sporting event, etc.

DEVA DB90-TX IP Audio Encoder


The DEVA DB90-TX is an integrated client for digital audio signals over IP.

DEVA SmartGen Mini Encoder


Discover the DEVA SmartGen Mini Encoder - Affordable RDS solution with UECP compatibility. Perfect for 24/7 operation. Order now from Aircast!