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DEVA DB91-TX IP Audio Encoder


The DEVA Broadcast DB91-TX IP Audio Encoder - compact, powerful and easy to configure. Perfect for audio transmission over IP networks.

Aeta Scoopfone

Discover the Aeta ScoopFone 4G for mobile AoIP connections. Excellent audio quality, intuitive operation and robust performance.

Suono LOG STL Antenna 800-2700Mhz

The Suono LOG STL Antenna is an easy-to-install antenna specifically designed STL applications.

Suono STL Link 1.3-2.5GHz (Set)

Discover the Suono TSL-RAL STL set, the perfect solution for a Studio Transmitter Link (STL) connection.

DEVA DB90-RX IP Audio Decoder

The DEVA DB90-RX IP Audio Decoder for premium audio decoding. Compact and versatile, ideal for online radio, studio connections and more.

Deva DB9009-RX

Discover the Deva DB9009-RX, a versatile IP Audio Decoder with outstanding performance. Ideal for FM, digital radio and Internet radio. Easy configuration and operation via web browser. See also the: DB9009-TX

DEVA DB91-RX IP Audio Decoder

The DEVA DB91-RX IP Audio Decoder for high-quality audio streams over IP. Supports many formats and has a built-in backup MP3 player.

Deva DB9009-TX

Discover the DB9009-TX, a versatile second-generation Audio over IP Encoder. Easy operation via web browser, perfect for professionals and beginners. See also the: DB9009-RX

Neutrik NA2-IO-DPRO

Line or AES I/O to Dante interface For connecting digital analog audio equipment to a Dante network. High-quality microphone preamps. Converts two analog or digital signals to Dante. Converts AES67 into two analog or digital AES outputs. 2 Dante ports for redundant operation or Daisy Chaining. Input impedance analog: > 7.5 kOhm. Max input level (balanced): 24 dBu. Output impedance (analog): <150 Ohm. Max output level (balanced): 24 dBu. Sturdy rubber protection around the enclosure (can be removed for rack mounting). Dimensions (L x W x H): 164 x 82 x 51 mm. Weight: 0.53 kg. Note: requires Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Barix Instreamer audio encoder

The Barix Instreamer is a network IP audio encoder for digital audio streaming. Often used in conjunction with the Barix Exstreamer 100 and as such a nice and inexpensive solution to establish an audio connection to the studio via the Internet at a location broadcast, city council meeting, church service, DJ's home studio, disco, sporting event, etc.

Barix Exstreamer 100 audio decoder

Discover the versatility of the Barix Exstreamer 100 audio decoder. Easy to set up, supports MP3/WMA, local USB media and offers reliable performance. Perfect for audio conversion without a PC!

Neutrik NA2-IO-DLINE

Neutrik's NA2-IO-DLINE allows you to connect your audio equipment to a Dante network. It is possible to integrate 2 audio channels into a Dante network. You can also convert a Dante signal to an analog audio signal. So by using this interface, you can simultaneously feed and receive analog audio signals in a Dante network.

Ubiquiti Point to Point WiFi (set)

With the Ubiquiti Power beam AC ISO GEN2, you create a stable point-to-point connection. With a special housing that prevents interference, the PowerBeam is a reliable choice with speeds up to 450Mbps.

DEVA DB90-TX IP Audio Encoder


The DEVA DB90-TX is an integrated client for digital audio signals over IP.

DEVA SmartGen Mini Encoder


Discover the DEVA SmartGen Mini Encoder - Affordable RDS solution with UECP compatibility. Perfect for 24/7 operation. Order now from Aircast!

In our Audio transmission category, we offer a wide range of high-quality audio transmission products, essential for any radio station. From IP audio encoders and decoders to advanced interface devices. Suitable for online radio, studio connections and other professional audio applications.