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Angry Audio Headphone disconnector set

Angry Audio's Headphone disconnector set is an exclusive tool that protects your mixing console from unnecessary damage caused by your headphone cable. This gadget uses two strong magnets which release only when force is applied to the cable.
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DEVA DB91-TX IP Audio Encoder


The DEVA Broadcast DB91-TX IP Audio Encoder - compact, powerful and easy to configure. Perfect for audio transmission over IP networks.

BW Broadcast Ariane Encore Audio Leveler

Ariane Encore provides unmatched RMS audio leveling with multi-mode operations and intelligent backup. Designed for top quality audio processing in any studio. All items from BW broadcast come with a 4 Year Manufacturer's Warranty!

Angry Audio nCIRCL Stereo To 5.1 Upmixer

Upgrade your audio experience with nCircl Upmixer! Transform stereo to immersive 5.1 sound for movies, games and music.

Angry Audio leanEncoder + C6s Bundle

Enhance your audio streams with the LeanEncoder + C6s Bundle! Powerful encoding, full metadata control and unlimited streams for professional results.

Angry Audio leanEncoder Streaming Engine

Upgrade your audio streaming with LeanEncoder! Robust performance, full metadata control and unlimited streams for professional results.

Angry Audio Chameleon C4s Livestream Processor

Enhance your livestreams with the Angry Audio - C4s Chameleon! Optimize loudness and clarity for a true listening experience!

Angry Audio Disconnect GIZMO

The disconnect GIZMO comes with a 3.5mm matching jack disconnect and a 1.80-meter stereo extension cable.

Angry Audio Digital Audio GIZMO

Input and output on StudioHub+ connectors. Powered by USB port. Includes USB cable and StudioHub+ XLR adapters.

Angry Audio USB Analog Audio GIZMO

Eliminate ground loops and interference with the USB Audio Gizmo. For pure, balanced professional-quality audio via USB. Easy to install, no drivers required.

Angry Audio Button GIZMO

Angry Audio Button Gizmo with four LED-lit buttons, easy to install and customize. Perfect for any studio setup.

Angry Audio Mic drop GIZMO

Say goodbye to interfering noises with the Mic Drop Gizmo! Easy installation, works with dynamic and condenser microphones, and features a silent mute button.

Angry Audio Guest GIZMO

Angry Audio Guest Gizmo built-in cough button, stereo headphone amplifier and LED tally control.

Angry Audio Headphone GIZMO (without volume control)

Mount this Angry Audio Headphone Gizmo under your studio table and you're done! Suitable for both ¼ inch and 3.5 mm jacks. * Picture for illustration, Refers to variant without volume control.

Angry Audio Headphone GIZMO

Enhance your radio presentation with the Headphone Gizmo. Crystal clear sound and convenient mounting.

Angry Audio Bidirectional Balancing Gadget

Transform your audio with our Bidirectional Stereo Balancing Gadget. Perfect for professional recording equipment. Eliminate ground loops and enjoy pure sound!

Angry Audio Dual Stereo Balancing Gadget

Improve your sound with our Dual Stereo Balancing Gadget. Perfect for professional audio equipment.

Angy Audio U.192 Stereo Tool Interface

The U.192 is the world's first USB audio interface for software-based radio processors such as Stereo Tool. With its MPX output, this sound card is perfect for reliable, high-quality performance for your broadcasts.

Angry Audio Talkshow Gadget

Add professional radio features to your live mixer for a flawless broadcast with Angry Audio's Talkshow Gadget

Angry Audio Failsafe Gadget

Angry Audio's Failsafe Gadget is a reliable solution for preventing dead air during broadcasts. With advanced sensors and simple controls, it is a must-have for any radio studio.

Angry Audio – Stereo Balancing Gadget

This gadget can convert one stereo pair from unbalanced to balanced and another stereo pair from balanced to unbalanced. Ideal for recording devices or sound cards in computers. The balanced and unbalanced signals are connected to RCA/Phono jacks and XLR connectors, respectively.

Angry Audio – Bluetooth Gadget

This Bluetooth module is ideal for any radio studio, thanks to the mix-minus function you can easily make calls through your mixing desk. It is an indispensable tool for managing your phone interviews and playing external audio, all through a single, reliable connection.

Aeta Scoopfone

Discover the Aeta ScoopFone 4G for mobile AoIP connections. Excellent audio quality, intuitive operation and robust performance.

Suono LOG STL Antenna 800-2700Mhz

The Suono LOG STL Antenna is an easy-to-install antenna specifically designed STL applications.

In our Audio transmission category, we offer a wide range of high-quality audio transmission products, essential for any radio station. From IP audio encoders and decoders to advanced interface devices. Suitable for online radio, studio connections and other professional audio applications.