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Orban Optimod 5950

The OPTIMOD 5950 is the first model in Orban's new generation of audio processors. At just 1RU tall, this unit offers a powerful array of features, including Orban's groundbreaking MX peak limiter technology. Equipped with a new high-resolution touchscreen and controllable via any HTML5 web browser, the 5950 combines user-friendly operation with the highest quality OPTIMOD audio processing for FM and DAB+/HD Radio broadcasts.

Elenos ETG500 MPX Indium transmitter

Discover the Elenos ETG500, a powerful FM transmitter with advanced technologies for optimal efficiency and reliability. Compact design, smart functions, and connectivity for maximum performance.

D&R Webstation Mixer

The modern D&R Webstation is an attractively priced broadcast mixing console with built-in USB controller and silence detection. It is the perfect mixer for Voicetrackers and is also great for web-stream, On-Air and production work.

Orban Optimod 5750

The OPTIMOD 5750 represents the second generation in Orban's new range of audio processors and is equipped with all the necessary features for a high-quality audio processor for FM and digital radio. This device has a compact 1RU design, is equipped with a new high-resolution touchscreen and can be operated via any HTML5 web browser.

M!ka Pole Adapter

 102,00 105,00
Discover the versatile M!ka Pole Adapter for secure attachment of M!ka arms to M!ka poles. Suitable for a variety of applications. Choose your M!ka System Pole or Wall-Mount Pole.

M!ka Monitor Arm XL

The XL-size M!ka monitor arm is the perfect choice for anyone dealing with large distances between the monitor arm mounting point and the user's position

Røde RØDECaster Pro II

The RØDECaster Pro II is the ultimate audio production solution for content creators, streamers, podcasters, radio makers and musicians. Combining revolutionary features with APHEX superior sound quality, endless customizability and unparalleled ease of use, the RØDECaster Pro II is all you'll ever need to record incredible audio.

D&R Airence USB Mixer

 2.005,00 2.199,00
Discover the D&R Airence USB Mixer, ideal for local radio production in the studio or at home. Compact, reliable and with numerous functions. This Airence is expandable with additional extender units.

D&R Axite


Discover the D&R Axite digital mixing console, modular and fully pre-programmed. Suitable for various applications, configurable to your requirements. We are happy to create a configuration for you, Contact Aircast for a custom quote.

RVR TEX 100 LCD/S FM Transmitter (100W/MPX/2HE)


The TEX 100 LCD/S FM Transmitter (100W/2HE) from RVR Elettronica has a stainless steel housing and offers continuously variable adjustable power from 0 to 100 watts with a supply voltage between 80 and 260 V.

DEVA DB91-TX IP Audio Encoder


The DEVA Broadcast DB91-TX IP Audio Encoder - compact, powerful and easy to configure. Perfect for audio transmission over IP networks.

D&R On Air Signaling

Experience the convenience of clear signaling in your (radio) studio with the D&R ON-AIR Light. This LED signal light can not only be used as a standalone element, but also works seamlessly with various mixers. So you know at a glance when you are "on-air," thanks to the bright red LEDs.

Lambda Tech Broadband 3-elements Yagi

 389,00 569,00
Lambda Tech's vertical or horizontal polarized broadband 3-element Yagi antenna has a robust and lightweight design. Because the antenna is broadband, it can be used for the entire FM band.

Lambda Tech Broadband dipole antenna

 230,00 418,00
This Broadband dipole antenna from Lambda Tech has a rugged, lightweight design and is suitable for the entire FM band.

DBX 266xs Compressor/Gate

Bring a more professional sound to your mix Adding a dbx 266xs Compressor/Gate to your live sound rig or studio gives you more dynamic control to create a more polished, professional sound. Having compression in your audio chain gives you the ability to smooth out uneven levels, add sustain to guitars and fatten up your drums. It also makes it easy to bring vocals to the front of your mix - adding more clarity and distinguishing them from the surrounding instruments.

DT 770 PRO

Experience superior sound and comfort with the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro. Designed for long listening sessions and professional monitoring. Available in 32, 80 and 250 Ohm versions.

DBX 166xs Compressor/Limiter/Gate

The DBX 166xs is the latest in a long line of the world's most successful compressors from the inventors of the technology. Patented Overeasy compression technology® provides smooth and musical performance, while AutoDynamic attack™ and release controls, found only on dbx compressors, put great sound at your fingertips. The 166xs can operate in stereo or dual-mono modes, has true RMS power summing, and features high-quality XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs and outputs. It cuts no corners on visual feedback with gain reduction metering and easy-to-read backlit switches.

RVR TEX 300 LCD/S FM Transmitter (300W/MPX/2HE)

The TEX 300 LCD/S FM Transmitter (300W/2HE) from RVR Elettronica has a stainless steel housing and offers continuously variable adjustable power from 0 to 300 watts with a supply voltage between 80 and 260V. The transmitter features a user-friendly graphic display for displaying all set and diagnostic values (frequency, output power, measurements, etc.). The device has an adjustable power output from 0 to 300W. The FOLD-BACK control ensures constant output power, at any VSWR condition (standing-wave ratio).

Double Cavity Filter 600W N-out incl. 19-inch rackmount

This Double Cavity Filter 600W N-out with 19-inch rackmount from Delta Meccanica is suitable for transmitters with power up to 600 watts to suppress products of intermodulation when multiple FM transmitters are used in the same location or are close to each other.

Røde Procaster Dynamic Microphone

With this Rode Procaster you have a nice alternative for your studio purposes at an attractive price. Solid and robustly built. Specially optimized for voice reproduction where ambient noise is strongly suppressed. Dynamic, so no phantom power is necessary.

RVR TEX 50 LCD/S FM Transmitter (50W/MPX/2HE)

The RVR TEX 50 LCD/S FM Transmitter (50W/MPX/2HE) provides high-quality FM broadcasts with 50 watts of power, crystal clear sound in a compact size. Durable and reliable for professional use. Sold out, Contact Aircast for alternatives!

Aeta Scoopfone

Discover the Aeta ScoopFone 4G for mobile AoIP connections. Excellent audio quality, intuitive operation and robust performance.

Axia iQx 8-Fader Main Frame

Discover the Axia iQx 8-Fader Main Frame - a powerful AoIP audio processor with extensive features. Flexible, configurable and ready for professional broadcasting.

Suono LOG STL Antenna 800-2700Mhz

The Suono LOG STL Antenna is an easy-to-install antenna specifically designed STL applications.