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Angry Audio – Bluetooth Gadget

This Bluetooth module is ideal for any radio studio, thanks to the mix-minus function you can easily make calls through your mixing desk. It is an indispensable tool for managing your phone interviews and playing external audio, all through a single, reliable connection.

Telos iQ6 POTS 6-line telephone system for Axia iQ

The Telos iQ6 can be easily connected to the Axia iQ (QOR.32) via an Ethernet cable. Operation can be done either through the Call Controller section of the Axia iQ Telco Expansion Frame, or through an optional Telos VSet phone or through the included VX Producer Call Screening software. This means that only 1 unused Ethernet port is needed on the Axia iQ Core or a network switch. In addition to this POTS version, an ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) version is also available.