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BW Broadcast ModMon encore

BW Broadcast's ModMon Encore is a superior FM and MPX modulation monitor with dual DSP tuners and advanced audio processing. All items from BW broadcast come with a 4 Year Manufacturer's Warranty!

Angry Audio Failsafe Gadget

Angry Audio's Failsafe Gadget is a reliable solution for preventing dead air during broadcasts. With advanced sensors and simple controls, it is a must-have for any radio studio.


the DEVA DB7007 is a second-generation digitally tuned FM Re-Broadcast Receiver. Taking into account the needs of the most demanding broadcasters and constantly adding new features to our devices, DEVA has improved the DB7007 to be a smarter and fully functional unit equipped with two highly selective DSP-based FM tuners.

DEVA Radio Explorer

Discover the Radio Explorer, your ultimate partner for mobile FM radio analysis. Measures up to 50 channels with unparalleled precision. Order now for a powerful audio experience!


High-Performance Dual FM Monitoring Receiver &Radio Streamer
Logger capabilities and simultaneous audio streaming in one innovative tool
The DB4402-V2 - Dual FM Monitoring Receiver is an excellent and highly practical combination between a logger and a streamer that allows you to easily and accurately monitor and store all important parameters of the FM signal, while at the same time giving you the ability to listen to a constant, uninterrupted audio stream. The synchronized performance of both major functions is the core idea for this model, as well as the unit's main asset. The DB4402-V2 is fully DSP-based, with a built-in oscilloscope and an RDS/RBDS decoder with a BER meter. Users can set alarms for RF, MPX, Pilot and RDS signal via e-mail, SMS or SNMP. The DB4402-V2 is an advanced solution that offers customers a number of benefits and top all-round, versatile performance as both a monitoring tool and a streaming device.

Band Scanner Pro

Discover the Deva Band Scanner Pro - the powerful pocket-sized FM modulation analyzer. Ideal for professional use. Analyze and optimize your FM broadcast band with precision.

Deva DB3010

The DEVA DB3010: Perfect FM and online stream monitoring for professional broadcasters.

Band Scanner GPS

Discover the Band Scanner GPS - the ultimate FM band analyzer with RDS decoder and built-in GPS. Ideal tool for radio experts.

Deva DB35

The DB35 adds another dimension to the already extensive DEVA product range and is an essential device when reliable streaming

DEVA DB45 FM & Modulation Analyzer

Discover the DEVA DB45FM: the advanced FM radio receiver and modulation analyzer. Accurate measurements and versatile monitoring functions for professional radio broadcasting.

DEVA DB8008 Digital Silence Monitor/Watchdog

Eliminate the chance of radio silence with the DEVA DB8008 Silence Monitor & Backup Audio Player from DEVA Broadcast. This device offers a simple design that is flexible, reliable and easy to integrate into your current setup, whether it is a local station or a large radio network.

2WCom FlexMon FM02 Professional FM receiver

Discover the 2WCom FlexMon FM02: Professional FM monitor with demodulation, source switching and extended RDS decoding. Reliable FM monitoring for every need.