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BW Broadcast Ariane Encore Audio Leveler

Ariane Encore provides unmatched RMS audio leveling with multi-mode operations and intelligent backup. Designed for top quality audio processing in any studio. All items from BW broadcast come with a 4 Year Manufacturer's Warranty!

Angry Auido – AC_Level Audio Processor

C-LEVEL is designed to normalize all your contribution audio. Think of it as a soft multi-band AGC. It makes everything sound consistent and polished. Use it as a pre-processor so that your OTA (on the air) processor can work as optimally as possible.    

Angry Audio C4 Livestream processor

The Angy Audio C4 Livestream processor for professional audio processing. Revolutionary AI technology, precise loudness control and natural sound. Perfect for livestreams, radio, and more.

Angry Audio – SMooth Microphone Processor

Amplify your sound with the Angry Audio - Smooth Microphone Processor. Designed for Shure SM7, this processor offers 70dB of ultra-high quality preamplification and an adjustable compressor for perfect sound.

DBX 676 Tube Mic Pre Channel Strip

Discover the DBX 676 - a Tube Mic Pre Channel Strip for peak performance. Class-A vacuum tube, vintage VU meter, and compressor/limiter design. Perfect for recording and live performances.

DBX 286S Microphone Pre-amp Processor

This DBX 286s microphone pre-amp processor offers an all-in-one solution for high-quality microphone processing.