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M!ka Pole Adapter

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Discover the versatile M!ka Pole Adapter for secure attachment of M!ka arms to M!ka poles. Suitable for a variety of applications. Choose your M!ka System Pole or Wall-Mount Pole.

M!ka Wall Mount Pole

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Optimize your workspace with the M!ka Wall Mount Pole, ideal for wall mounting due to the prepared holes on the flat side.

M!ka MMS System Pole

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System Pole Carrying element for flexible arrangement of multiple MiKA arms and MiKA extensions. Available in a variety of sizes and colors. Ideal for an orderly workplace.

M!ka Table Through Mount

Discover the versatile M!ka Table Through Mount for stable table mounting of M!ka arm systems. Easy to install and compatible with various M!ka Microphone and EasyLift Monitor arms.

M!ka Table Clamp

The M!ka Table Clamp or table clamp from M!ka, is one of the plug-in options to attach your M!ka arm to your desk. It can be combined with the M!ka microphone arm or the M!ka EasyLift monitor arm. Use the table clamp to attach your M!ka arm to the edge of your desk. Attach the M!ka table clamp to your desk, place the yellow spacer on top and slide in the M!ka arm of your choice. To make the M!ka table clamp fit snugly on your desk, simply place the M!ka table clamp at the edge of your table and twist the top and bottom parts together. The table clamp fits any table with a panel thickness of 18-74mm. Important, never use it on curved surfaces. It may slip off.

M!ka System Pole Desktop Mounting Kit

Discover the versatility of the M!ka System Pole Desktop Mounting Kit (PDM Kit). Easily and securely attach to your table. Suitable for black and aluminum M!ka System Poles. Ideal for organized cable management.

M!ka Table Top Mount

Discover the M!ka Table Top Mount - the perfect solution for table mounting M!ka arms. Suitable for a variety of panels and desks. Order now for an optimized workspace!

M!ka PopShield

As a pop filter, the m!ka PopShield prevents your microphone from overpowering when you speak or sing extreme sounds within its range.

M!ka Pole Cable Clamps (6x)

M!ka Cable Clamps help you tidy up your wiring. Use it to attach cables from monitors or microphones to your m!ka System Pole or m!ka Wall Mount Pole. Thanks to the clamp, you get an even neater look and extremely neat cable management.

M!ka Wall Bracket

The M!ka wall bracket serves as a slide-in mount to attach M!ka arms to the walls of your room. Use it to mount M!ka microphone arms, M!ka EasyLift monitor arms or M!ka Studiolight. Drill four holes in your wall and attach the M!ka Wall Bracket to the wall of your room with the four included plugs and screws. Next, place the Yellow Spacer on the adapter and then slide in the M!ka arm of your choice. Importantly, zorg make sure your walls fixtures are suitable to carry the load.

M!ka Monitor Arm Cable Clamp (10x)

M!ka Cable Clamps help you achieve clean cable routing. Choose the cable clamp for M!ka monitor arms to secure your monitor's cables with the cable clamp. Use them for clean and unobtrusive cable routing along your M!ka monitor arms.As a spare part, you get the M!ka cable clamp for M!ka monitor arms in a polybag containing 10 pieces. Each M!ka monitor arm is supplied with two cable clamps upon purchase.

M!ka Yellow Intermediate Ring (10x)

The M!ka Yellow Spacer serves as a buffer between your M!ka arm and the various M!ka mounting adapters. Always use M!ka arms with a yellow spacer to achieve smooth changes in the position of your M!ka arm. In addition to the M!ka socket, each mount for M!ka microphone arms, M!ka EasyLift and M!ka Studiolight requires a yellow spacer between the M!ka arm and the adapter. Between the M!ka arm and the M!ka system pole, you also need a yellow spacer.As a spare part, you get the M!ka Yellow Spacer in a 10-piece polybag. Each mounting adapter for M!ka arms and each M!ka System Pole Desktop Mounting Kit already comes with a required yellow spacer.

M!ka Bus

The M!ka Bushing (bushing) is one of the slide-in mounts to attach an M!ka arm to your table.

M!ka 5-8 Mic Arm Adapter

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Enhance your setup with the m!ka 5/8" Mic arm Adapter MKII. Easy upgrade for all colors of m!ka Microphone arms. Optional On-Air indicator for professional use.