Angry Audio Talkshow Gadget


Add professional radio features to your live mixer for a flawless broadcast with Angry Audio’s Talkshow Gadget

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Angy Audio’s Talkshow Gadget is the perfect addition to your live mixer for a professional radio broadcast.
With convenient features such as LED-lit buttons for direct control of four microphones, volume control for the speakers, and an auxiliary input for external sources. Does the Talkshow Gadget ensure your broadcast is flawless, with automatic muting of the monitors to prevent feedback.

With this gadget and a compact live mixer, you are ready to host your own radio program without the expense of a dedicated radio mixer. Easily connects with standard cables, and features a fully passive audio path for optimal sound quality.

Product specifications:

  • LED illuminated buttons for microphone control
  • Volume control for speakers
  • Additional input for external sources
  • Automatic attenuation of monitors to prevent feedback
  • Compatible with balanced and unbalanced audio
  • Complete passive audio path with sealed switches and gold contact relays
  • Timing function for optimal studio control

Angry Audio’s Talkshow Gadget comes with a DB15 to RJ45 Adapter for the Logic port.

Brand Angry Audio


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