Omnia Enterprise 9s

Omnia Enterprise 9s High-Density Virtual Audio Processing Software Overview

Meet Omnia Enterprise 9s, the high-density audio processing software solution designed with the flexibility to meet the rapidly changing infrastructure needs of broadcasters as they transition to virtualized environments. 9s is a custom solution for high-density server-based (virtual) systems for customers with a high volume of signals to process. Talk to our sales team to design your 9s solution based on your specific needs.

Scalable, adaptable, centralized

9s combines product modules in a new and unique way to deliver the software-only, high-density solution that today’s broadcasters need. Each system can be customized to your needs, allowing you to make changes as your requirements change. 9s, for example, can be programmed for FM and streaming, giving you the flexibility to quickly add special channels. For example, as you add more streaming channels to your network, 9s adapts to your needs.

Centralize your processing using 9s to the head and send L/R audio to any transmitter location or the full composite signal to the transmitter using the new Omnia MPX node.

Virtualized audio processing

Each stereo program is processed by its own unique processing engine, allowing each program to be uniquely tailored to the program material, audience and delivery method. A variety of factory presets are included and can be used as-is or serve as starting points for custom user presets.

The “Basic” adjustment mode greatly simplifies dialing in the desired sound by combining multiple processing parameters with a handful of controls. For cases where it is necessary to access every available individual control, “Intermediate” and “Expert” modes are available.

  • Undoing
    – Our unique method of processing audio that has been cut and/or dynamically compressed during the mastering process, as is the case with most music recorded in the last 20 years. Undo is a two-stage process that consists of a declipper that reconstructs audio peaks (removing the resulting distortion in the original content) and a multiband expander that adds dynamic range to highly compressed material.

  • Phase Processing
    – Includes an adjustable phase rotator to eliminate distortion in asymmetrical voices and a phase scrambler to minimize distortion on certain instruments with strong odd-order harmonics.

  • Final Limiter
    – A two-band “brick wall” forward-looking limiter for precise peak control.

  • Downward Expanders
    – Fully adjustable multiband expanders help minimize noise in recorded audio sources or via microphone in noisy studio environments.

  • Input AGC
    – The first processing amplification stage, usually used to compensate for different input levels of the board or automation system. Features a sidechain control EQ circuit to make the AGC more / less sensitive to certain frequencies, useful for ensuring that strong bass or dynamic female vocals do not cause “hole punching” artifacts in the processed audio.

  • Wideband AGC 1/2/3.
    – Additional wideband compressors that can be “stacked” on top of the Input AGC for additional gain control, located after the multiband processing stage or used as dedicated bass compressors to adjust bass texture.

  • Parametric EQ.
    – Six bands of fully adjustable equalization to adjust the EQ curve before the multiband AGC stage.

  • Stereo Enhancer
    – A multiband enhancer that can fully manage the stereo image by widening material with less L-R content and narrowing material that has more, providing a highly customizable and consistent stereo image regardless of the original content.

  • Multiband AGC/Limiters.
    – User selectable between two and seven bands to provide an output that is spectrally more faithful to the input audio or extremely consistent spectrally regardless of input. A special peak limiter rides on top of each AGC tire.

  • Band Mix
    – The last way to adjust the spectral balance for the final peak limiters, further adjusting the sound.



Omnia is a brand of The Telos Alliance, an audio technology development company.
Omnia products are known for their high quality and excellent performance.
The Telos Alliance strives to set the standard for audio products by bringing the most innovative and user-friendly solutions to market.


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