Orban Optimod 5700i FM/HD DIGITAL + RDS/RBDS


Discover the Orban Optimod 5700i: the ultimate FM/HD DIGITAL + RDS/RBDS audio processor. Proven OPTIMOD sound, compact design.

The Orban 5700i is no longer available, and has been replaced by the newer model, the Orban 5750i.

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For years, many stations have used the high quality and “fat” sound of the Orban Optimod-FM 8500. Nowadays, you can also get this sound from the Optimod-FM 5700i. This 1 HE unit is now on sale at a very affordable price. The 5700i comes standard with stereo gain, tone control, AGC, multiband compression, low-IM peak limiting, stereo encoding, and composite limiting. In other words, everything you need to obtain a good competitive position in the market….

The Orban Optimod 5700i features 20 format-specific presets. Among these you will also find the Orban 8500’s beloved presets. Although the presets AF-factory are already very suitable, they are still easily adjusted through a simple “Less/More” button. Do you already have a preset from, say, your Optimod-FM 8500, 8400, 8300, 5500, or 5300? No problem…these presets can be easily imported to the Orban 5700i

The 5700i comes with a dynamic RBS/RBDS encoder at no extra charge and can be controlled via the front panel and via an ASCII server, which coupled with your radio automation, can display title and artist.

The front panel features a 2×40 character LCD screen with LED metering that displays all metering functions of the processing, both two- and five-band). The meters always remain visible, even when you are changing settings. Navigating through the menu is easy using “soft” buttons (menu dependent) and a large rotary knob. Ethernet connection is easy via a simple-to-use application capable of controlling multiple 5700i units on a single TCP/IP network.
Since the 5700i can also be controlled via GPI, ACSII server, RS232 and Internet, you get total freedom to connect with the 5700i in any form. Even SNMP is among the possibilities.

To safeguard your investment, through the upgrade kit, the 5700i can be upgraded to full 8600Si functionality.
This, by the way, does not require removing the unit from the rack and you immediately benefit from Orban’s “state-of-the-art” MX limiter technology.
Contact us for all possibilities!

Technical Data Sheet: Orban 5700I



Orban is a brand specializing in the production of sound processors for professional audio applications.
Orban sound processors are known for their precise sound handling and outstanding performance. H


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