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Discover the COBALT C-10 transmitter – perfect for energy-efficient applications. Superior audio quality and intuitive operation. Order now for high-quality performance!

Discover the COBALT C-10 transmitter, ideal for low power applications such as Drive-in Cinemas, sporting events and situations where low power and high quality audio are required.

Featuring superior audio quality thanks to Direct to Channel Digital technology, the COBALT C10 runs on a custom LINUX OS system. With inputs and outputs such as analog, AES / EBU, digital MPX (AES192), Ethernet, USB, GPIO, and GPS Sync with built-in SFN capabilities, it offers versatile connectivity.

Modern design with ultra-bright RGB screen and intuitive joystick controls allows for quick setup. Advanced communication options, including a Web interface and Ethernet remote control, provide convenience.


  • Output power (W): 10 W
  • Range (W): 0.1-10 W
  • RF output: N-Type (Female)
  • Input ACV @ 50/60Hz: 100-240 (277 North America only)
  • Power connector: IEC 13A filtered
  • Power consumption: ~ 35W @ max power
  • AC-RF efficiency type: ~ 30%
  • Temperature controlled fan: 1
  • Power Supplies: 1
  • Dimensions WxDxH (inch): 19x15x1RU (1.75″)
  • Dimensions WxDxH (cm): 48.3 x 38 x 4.45
  • Weight: 3.7 kg / 8.14 pounds

RF Modulator:

  • Transmitter type: Solid-state FM Stereo transmitter
  • Modulator: direct-to-channel (DDS)
  • RF output frequency range: VHF band II, 87-108MHz
  • RF Frequency Steps: 50/100kHz
  • Frequency stability: ±1 ppm with internal clock reference of 10 MHz
  • FM Modulation Range Capability: 75kHz standard, 100% modulation adjustable up to 250kHz

Stereo encoder:

  • Modes: Stereo, Mono L R, Mono L, Mono R
  • Frequency range: 20Hz – 15kHz
  • Pre-printing: 0, 50 or 75μs
  • Pilot tone: 19kHz, adjustable level
  • Suppression of subcarriers: ≤ -70dB
  • Stereo separation: >80dB digital, >70dB analog

Audio inputs:

  • Analog: 2 x XLR female, 10kΩ impedance, level from 0dBu to 24dBu
  • Digital: AES/EBU via RJ45 per StudioHUB , level from -24dBFS to 0dBFS, sampling rates 32-192kHz


Aqua Broadcast

Power output (Watt)


Connector type

N Connector




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Aqua Broadcast was formed by a diverse and experienced team of people with extensive Broadcast and electronics experience.
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