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Experience Aeron Studio – Top-of-the-line radio automation software with easy-to-use interfaces and versatile capabilities for any station.

Price concerns basic version, this version has all the functionality to make radio properly.
Includes 1st year of support and maintenance!
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Revolutionary Radio Automation

Transform your radio station with Aeron Studio - The future of seamless, advanced broadcast technology, designed for maximum reliability and superior ease of use.

The system structure of Aeron

Aeron Studio is characterized by a modular system structure that gives users the freedom to set up their radio broadcast system as needed. This flexible approach allows users to start with a basic configuration and then expand with additional modules as their needs change. This modular design is particularly effective for radio stations that expect to grow or want to expand their functionalities in the future. It allows them to build their system gradually without the need for a complete replacement.

Aeron Studio's three basic configurations provide a solid starting point for different types and sizes of radio stations. These configurations can range from simple, single-studio setups to more complex multi-studio systems. In addition, there is room for custom configurations, such as master/slave systems, which add to the platform's versatility. The choice of a specific configuration depends on the radio station's operational needs and existing technical infrastructure. This approach makes Aeron Studio suitable for a wide range of broadcast scenarios, from local radio stations to larger commercial broadcasters.

Aeron Studio is a modular automation system, which means users only need to purchase the modules they need. This modular design makes the system very flexible; as a radio station's needs grow, the system can be expanded step by step with additional modules. This approach provides the ability to tailor the system to specific needs, allowing Aeron Studio to adapt to the unique requirements of each radio station.

Database editor

Manage tracks, add metadata and set selection criteria for efficient format planning. Essential for music database management.

Database Browser

The central hub for viewing and managing tracks. Easy access and complete overview comprehensive search options.


The Export module makes it easy to exchange audio files and database data between studios or between radio stations.

Mix editor
Voice Tracking

Aeron's Mix Editor and Voice Tracking provide precise control for mixing and recording voice tracks.

Jingle player

Easily manage and play jingles via drag-and-drop from the Database or Item Browser. 


The script for playing tracks and commercials. Easy to access and manage via menu or hotkeys. 


Advanced Advertising Blocks. Set preferred positions for spots, add additional jingles per block, and schedule campaigns flexibly on even or odd days.

Multi User

Supports teamwork with multiple users, enables simultaneous editing and provides seamless team workflow. 

Operating systemWindows 10 or higher
ProcessorAeron Studio:
Dual Core processor, Intel i3 or similar AMD processor. Aeron Studio I.C.M. PostgreSQL:
Quad Core processor, Intel i5 or similar AMD processor.
Internal Memory Aeron Studio:
8GB internal memory
Aeron Studio with i.c.w. PostgreSQL:
16GB internal memory
Storage256 GB SSD for the operating system and Aeron studio i.c.w. database.

If the audio files are not stored on a central network server, then an additional HDD (hard drive) or SSD is required for storing audio files.
Package: Starting price:
Basic PackageThe software foundation for every radio station. € 2.295
Scheduler bundle*.Programming tools for the ultimate music list. € 1.095
XTRA Bundle*.Additional features in Database Browser, Live Players, Jingle Players, Voice Tracking, Format Planner and Commercial Planner. € 2.670
XPERT Bundle*.Expert capabilities in Database Browser, Live Players, Jingle Players, Voice Tracking, Format Planner and Commercial Planner. € 4.840

* Bundles are additions to the basic package.
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